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Production Photos

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11/11/2011 Photos from the October/November 2011 Three Wise Moose production of Living With The Savage at Anchorage Community Theatre, October 21 - November 13.

9/13/2011 Two different casts performed Boyd Was Waiting as a part of the 2010 Don't Blink Marathon

9/13/2011 Todd Glidewell, Luke Bartholomew, and Wayne Mitchell in the TBA Theatre production of Bile in the Afterlife, June 2008

12/21/07 Some production stills from 2006's production of In A Red Sea at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference.

10/28/2004 Eric R. Brown and the stunning Beeker Hawkins rehearsing for my third-ever production of Domestic Companion, the first time I directed myself.

               9/24/2004 Hey, remember that Italian Production of Bile In The Afterlife I told you about last year? Well, I found a couple more photos from it... take a look!


               9/24/2004 Here's some shots from Isis Arts Collective's production of Living With The Savage during the 2nd Bay One-Acts Festival in San Fancisco. Sarah Mitchell played Angelica, and Chris Symonds played Martin.


               9/24/2004 Here's some photos of Three Wise Monkeys' 2003 production of Libidoff, featuring Jay Moore, Danielle O'Hare, Reed Harvey, Carl Thelin, and Sarah Mitchell.


                9/24/2004 Here's a few shots from one of my plays, The War of Virginia & Alabama, from an Alaska Overnighters production.

Paul Brynner as Donald and Sarah Waisanen as Virginia

Regina MacDonald as Missy
Sue and Paul Brynner as Donald

Regina MacDonald as Missy
Sue and Sarah Waisanen as Virginia

5/8/03 BILE IN THE AFTERLIFE IN ITALY: Something very exciting about knowing that people in Italy are doing my play, which is only augmented by seeing cool Italians actually doing it... sweet! Here's the plot synopsis:
"Uno yuppie arrivista vuole migliorare la gerarchia dell'aldil` pronto ad ottimizzare i ritmi di "lavoro" col suo spirito riformista, finchi scopre..."
Who knew, I wrote about a play about "one yuppie!"

2/17/03 Here's a still of Matthew Porter and Christy Antonio from the first New York Production of Libidoff in 2000.