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Personal Photos

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More personal photos can be found at my Facebook Page

   9/3/08 Me at Sara Waisanen's wedding with Alissa, who it turns out was working with Impact Theatre in Berkeley when they did my play Burning. Small freakin' world!

   11/10/06 As people have long suspected, I am the devil, and I am choosing to come out here on the world wide web... bwah-ha-ha! My friend Jeff does some bitchin' stuff with make-up down in LA...

   11/4/05 Believe it or not, some people have actually asked me to post photos of my cats on my web site. I don't get it... but here you go. The long hair's name is Babette, though she also goes by Babe and Baby. The crazy black'n'white is Minette, though she most frequently goes by Minni Pearl.

This is Feral Buster Newton, both the most beautiful and annoying cat I've ever owned. Colored like a Bengal tiger, and soft like a feather, Feral's favorite habits include screaming for no apparent reason and assaulting Babette in horrifying ways that involve a lot of cat screaming. Don't worry, she's in therapy, she'll be fine.


10/31/2004 The great Dalmudi!

10/31/2004 Thinking something conferency

10/31/2004 What on earth was I thinking at that photo shoot?

10/31/2004 He just won't shut up!!!!

10/31/2004 Here I am looking proudly at the festivities surrounding the 2005 Last Frontier Theatre Conference.

9/24/2004 Here I am winning the Last Frontier Audience Choice Award for my play In A Red Sea. Among the people on stage with me are Stu Eriksen, Yosh Hayashi, and Jerry Harper.

5/8/03 This photo was taken at the first Overnighters performance in Alaska. The job of the MC at play-in-a-day theatre is to get the crowd excited about the process, and make sure they understand just what everyone's gone through to reach the performance. I'm just spazzy enough to be the man for this job!

4/24/03 Here I am "laying the smack down" on award winning playwright John Guare during the 2002 Last Frontier Theatre Conference. Photographer was Michael Conti. This was published in Alaska Magazine in April of 2003.

2/17/03 A photo of me published in December of 2002 in the Anchorage Daily News.   Mark Lester was the photographer.