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Poster Photos

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   1/21/2011 The poster for the 2011 production of Tom's Children, which featured my play Dead Middle-Aged Whore. (PDF)

   10/13/2010 The poster for the 2010 production of Fourplay.

   10/4/2010 The Poster for TBA and Three Wise Moose's 2010 Don't Blink One Page Play Festival

   8/3/10 The Poster Theatre Daedalus' 2010 double-feature production - featuring my play Oh Nancy!

   8/3/06 The poster for Alaska Overnighters 9 - the most Me-Centric poster EVER!! (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

10/28/2004 Poster art from the 1996 Eccentric Theatre Company production of The Making of Eye Contact.

9/24/2004 The poster from "Impact Briefs," where my short play Burning was recently performed.

9/24/2004 The poster for Alleyway Theatre's "Buffalo Quickies," where my short play Burning was performed.

9/24/2004 The poster from the fourth run of the Alaska Overnighters... again, pictured with my partner-in-crime Shane Mitchell. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

9/9/03 The poster for the third installment of the Alaska Overnighters. Pictured with friend and collaborator Shane Mitchell, without whom the project would practically be undoable. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

3/12/03 The poster for the West Coast Premier of Libidoff in 2003.

2/17/03 The poster from Cockroach Infestation, a play I directed in 2002 (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

2/17/03 The poster for the first Bay Area One Act Festival in 2002.

    2/17/03 The postcard for Unidentified Theatre Company's One Act Marathon.